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there’s a lot of things i dare to do, including some that people in the right mind usually wouldn’t want to. but i think that extra bit of courage/strength needed to undertake those certain stunts are trade offs for other stunts, particularly those that most people dare to do but i don’t. i feel abnormal. […]



i think the happiest people are the ones who know how to appreciate the things in life, the ones who know how to be happy with what they already have, the ones who know how to make the best out of everything they have. being contented in this world is not easy. so if you […]


The first person who’s on your mind the moment you open your eyes after a night of sleep is the reason either for your happiness, or pain.

im koping this from my friend who probably koped from somewhere/someone else. hahahaha. At an international college, a teacher said: “Let’s share with everyone your personal opinions on food shortage in other countries.” African student: “What is food?” European student: “What is shortage?” American student: “What is other countries?” Singapore student: “What is personal opinions?” […]



i know of people who are damn zai in academics, damn zai in dance, damn zai in maintaining good relationships with whoever, damn zai in almost everything. and they are really nice people. it’s like their lives are near perfect. there are times when i feel like a loser.

can wishes really come true if you wish hard enough?

i’m tired. i woke up only 4 hours ago and i went out for just a little bit. didn’t do much. but i’m tired already. i think the sun is kind of sapping my energy to replenish its own hp or something. i think my posts are becoming kind of bimbotic, but please still do […]