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please have some decency to control yourself from cooking up stories. if there should be a need to ignore the topic/question, just do it. it’s not very nice to take advantage of the benefit of doubt. doesn’t work that way. Advertisements

reminded me of someone.

what was the last thing we said to each other?

“when two very ordinary things come together, they become less ordinary” if you think positive, less ordinary = unique, special if you think otherwise, less ordinary = abnormal, deviate

laughter is contagious. especially if you have cartoony expressions like me – just do something stupid and someone will laugh. and then everyone will laugh. it’s ok for people to laugh at you if everyone’s happy. i like to see genuine smiles and hear genuine laughter. even the most unglam laughter can shine if it’s […]



and i don’t know if it’s true or not, but i got li wo! (is it pronounced that way?) it’s a less nice form of jiu wo and i have no idea what li wo in english is. so if what is written is true does that mean i have someone to look for hahaha […]