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as a kid, and as a matter of fact even now, je voudrais to carveĀ  pumpkins je voudrais to dress up in a proper costume je voudrais to go trick-or-treat-ing je voudrais to go for fun halloween parties Advertisements


you know those times when you start to wonder if you’re trying too hard? what do you do?



we are all a little weird. we tend to like people who are a little weird. it’s weird if you are of the same kind of weird. it’s also weird if you are of a different kind of weird. but maybe that’s why we like them. because we’re all weird people. and life’s a little […]

because the grass will always be greener on the other side. if you cross over to the other side, you will start to think that the grass on this side looks greener soon enough. cherish it.

what a joke.


waiting for the what because of the why. but what if it never comes? then i hear the voice, have a little faith. got stuck in the middle not knowing what to do. and end up waiting all over again.

haha so cute.


and obviously koped and shared.

haze and all, don’t forget to breathe.