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just sharing.


i can’t put a lot of pics here, so i just picked out one. the last time i used (and am still using) this pic showing legs IN JEANS dangling outside this car on some freeway people asked me if that was really me. and the dancer on the beach, i get that a lot […]

just because you think you know me well enough, doesn’t mean you really do. just because i treasure you and you know it, doesn’t mean i don’t mind being taken for granted. just because i don’t show it, doesn’t mean i’m ok with it. if i don’t resist, it only means i still want you […]

puny surprise


pleasantly surprised. (: not in a big way, because it’s really kind of a small deal. but it’s enough. so i really do give people all sorts of impressions that ain’t anything like me huh. don’t know if that’s good or bad, but let’s be positive HAHAHAAA

how long more until it’s time to stop running? because running away will never be a solution. just be brave and face it.

會變的始終會變 要走的留也留不住 要的只不過是一顆最真的心

i think my lifespan got shortened by a hell lot over the past week. it was the first time i saw someone actually smoke for 43 mins nonstop, lighting up one after another while talking to his friend. and i was timing him because i was trying to see how much my lifespan is going […]

one of the few things i treasure so much. it’s rightfully mine, so please don’t take it away from me. ):