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whoever recommended TNR as the standardized font for reports and such has no taste. i really don’t like using times new roman. it’s not that i don’t like simple fonts, because i like century gothic and tw cen mt. i just don’t like times new roman. Advertisements

sing your lungs out when taking a bath. doesn’t matter if you can/can’t sing, or if you think you can’t sing. if anyone should complain, tell them they’re hearing things.

i know i’m so gonna miss all of these.

the more i see, the more i want to believe. but the more i see, the less i believe. then again, being me, i still stubbornly believe.


Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. – John Lennon



don’t be the one running away. it’s not wrong, it’s just that there will always be some things you cannot run away from.


some people don’t have to choose. and it’s not because they don’t get to choose.