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because this is a selfish world, it is essential for deals to be mutually beneficial. i think i’ll think a lot more after i watch rango tonight.. cant help it – 读书病 Advertisements

Life is a roller coaster ride that takes many downward loops, but the scenery never changes. it would be nice if you could take some time to at least read this, (it is not a virus)  



why so many self-centered people? just a thought. some people need to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Random wordplay



we humans are really a lot more fragile than we choose to think we are. i can’t put into words how thankful i am for having such a blessed life. imma #danceforjapan

go, japan!


the Japanese spirit is really heartening. RESPECT. always have and always will. 常に日本が好きよ。 hang in there. you’ll pull through (: