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inequality and widening income gap – i have so much to say, but…   Advertisements

i hate how we always have to argue over the same thing, almost every time we talk. some people would say that it’s just the way our relationship is, like how different people bond with one another differently. i beg to differ. just what is wrong?

we drove past an accident site last night.. traffic from the expressway was entirely diverted to the nearest exit before the site. i saw the blue tent. and the debris. a lorry ferrying foreign workers, a cab, and a car. the driver’s side of the car caved in, and for a while it looked like […]

You gradually get over the pain. It doesn’t go away, not for a long time, but it becomes easier to live with. One morning you wake up and he’s not the first thing on your mind. And then a few months down the line you realize you’ve made it through half the day without thinking […]


oh but that one night was more than just right I didn’t leave you cause I was all through oh I was overwhelmed and frankly scared as hell because I really fell for you



I’m good at running away, only if I want to. I’m even better at making people run away, especially when I want to.