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slow and steady


some things should not be rushed, so that you can savour the process. after all, it’s the process that matters. Advertisements

hi m…


hey dude. it’s been what, 8 months coming 9… and your birthday is nearing. you would have been one year older, and then you won’t be able to call me old. haha. too bad it’s never happening. happy birthday in advance anyway, in case i forget when the time comes. how are you? how are […]

i don’t understand why some people like to complicate situations when it’s actually really simple… it turns everything upside down, it makes people go haywire. worst of all, it changes someone simple into someone complicated.

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haven’t been around for awhile… so when i saw that people still do drop by i was elated. so a heartfelt thank you to you all (who know who you are).

here’s something new for my playlist…