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i don’t know why it’s becoming like this,  but i know i may be getting into trouble. or i already am in it. i don’t know why i even care. if there’s one thing i’ve learned from the past, it’s that being bothered with anything unrelated to you and your loved ones is never something […]

of connections


some connections cannot be easily found. some connections cannot be easily broken. never had an idea on how connections of the heart and soul are formed, and broken.

you know when you have this good feeling about something and somehow get that feeling that it will all turn out well, and then everything just changes for the worse because of one little accident…



Never Leave The Playground

sharing it here because i’m not done watching. need to sleep because i have finals tmr. but it’s pretty interesting, or at least to me.

so much for being skeptical… it’s always different when it comes to friends, isn’t it? i don’t know when I’ll ever learn…

i like school.


i always knew i love learning. i like school sometimes. and now that i’m back in school (somewhat) i’m actually enjoying myself, except for the overloading of modules and crazy hectic workload. unfortunately i dislike studying for examinations and tests and anything related to stuff like that. urgh.