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one day when i was terribly tired but i could not afford to rest… … i declared war on my bed. Advertisements

finally got over the hectic period. not that i don’t have anything to do now though… there’s still quite a number of assignments due in a bit, but i’m relatively less busy.i don’t actually have anything much to write about now, haven’t been thinking much about things. just wanted to say hi. haha. i have […]

weird is weird


i’m just weird like that.

when i melt


i don’t always melt, but when i do i turn into a puddle.

a guy worries about what a girl remembers. a girl worries about what a guy doesn’t remember.

been busy and all. what’s new? i have decided to try out something, just for the fun of it. not revealing it because i don’t want to jinx it. but i promise i will tell if i succeed. :) as of now, i’m not confident it’s gonna work, but whatever it is, i’ll do my […]

i chose the book Charlotte’s Web for one of my assignments. it’s a great book, even for adults. friendship, loyalty, and truth – 3 themes i loved about the book, and also the aspects of life that mean so much to me. here’s part of the extract that i used. “Where’s Papa going with that […]