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there is a saying in chinese, which translates to something along the line of taking a break so as to prepare oneself to go further. received some news over the past week, in preparation for next year’s workload and responsibilities. i wouldn’t say it’s all bad news – i’ll be learning a lot, in fact […]

sometimes when people change, i don’t know how to react. i’m not sure if i’m being too demanding, but my expectations hasn’t changed… i get affected because i don’t know how to set new expectations based on the new circumstances, especially so if it’s someone close to me.

sometimes i look back at what i have achieved thus far in my life, and i feel like a loser. what am i doing, really?  

just because i somehow got addicted to it this few days; i have no idea how.

my travel sense


have always been wowed by the world out there. i wanna go to exotic places. other than the normal places everyone wants to go to. first up on the list: sri lanka. I’m so psyched it’s actually happening. :) anyone who wants to visit singapore (i should think that it’s considered exotic to some of […]

music sense


i’ve always been attracted to people with a music taste similar to mine. so far in my life, i’ve met 2. who’s next?

They exist within us as whole people, stories with beginnings and endings, and in order to let go of them we cannot choose the things we want to isolate for nostalgia. We have to stop caring what they would think if they saw us, stop worrying about running into them in the store, stop obsessing […]