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This place where I come from, this haven we all call home – never would have been without you. Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew. What an honour it has been for me to be born in this era, to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Today we mourn the loss of our one and […]

looks are can be deceiving… but it’s not like we don’t already know it. sometimes the happier someone looks, the sadder/lonelier he is. it’s true. we just have to open our eyes bigger and listen with our hearts. sometimes we just have to make the effort to look past what is on the outside… in […]

you’re damn right – i haven’t maximized my potential. but my potential is not to be wasted on something not worth my time.

i don’t have to be rich, but i cannot ever be poor

it’s back – that thing i do. for some reason i decided to be all weird… might be partly because of pride? or/and that stubborn part of me. amongst other reasons of course. no idea why i always react like that. some kind of defense mechanism perhaps. now i feel weird.

quite simply put, i’ve too much to (want to) do, too little time. i’ve decided from the start of the year that i want to make the most of my time this year. looking back into the past decade, i’ve come to realize that i had been wasting my life away. and you know what […]

so… sometimes i get these comments on my posts like everybody else, and i’m like, “oh it’s probably another spam comment”. but you know what, some of them actually do sound… genuine? so sometimes i’m not sure if it’s someone real actually taking the time off to put down a little comment, or it’s just […]